Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beach Day

It feels like beach days are getting fewer and fewer these days. Days when it's warm enough to walk in the wake and calm enough to sit on the beach and read without the wind flipping pages. April really is a beach girl. She has no fear of the cold or waves or creepy crawlies that roam the beach. She contently seeks out little treasures on the beach. Such a west coast girl.
This particular day, as I was lying in the sun, a native plants tour passed us. I couldn't help but listen in. They were hunting for yarrow and cow-parsnip. I love listening to the historic uses for these "weedy" plants.
It really was a gorgeous day. All the beautiful blue, green, yellow and beige made me think that I need to make a beach quilt to keep these sunny days in our home in those long winter months. So perhaps a quilt is in my future. Until then we will be soaking up every drop of sunshine and spending time at the beach.

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