Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Zooey is the latest addition to our little farm. We adopted her about a month ago. She is adjusting well and just the sweetest cat. I was really hesitant to get a cat since I'm very allergic but we felt it would be the best solution to our rat and mouse problem. We found Zooey, who was described as an outdoor cat, and she seems very comfortable here. She doesn't wander far, I can almost always see her wherever she is hiding and she seems to have made the rats and mice very unwelcome. I'm not sure she is killing them but taking a nap by their nests seems to have scared the off. Although I am allergic I really enjoy spending time with her. She loves to be pet and have her tummy rubbed but seems to hate being held. She is also not a fan of April. She will often jump the fence to get away from her. I'm also really please with her indifference towards the chickens, they haven't clashed at all. We are very happy to have Zooey.

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