Thursday, November 8, 2012

Salmon Run


The salmon run is on at Goldstream Park so we took advantage of a beautiful fall day and went to witness the amazing journey of these creatures. Salmon come to Goldstream so spawn then die. The river bed was full of fish fighting their way up-stream. They are huge, sometimes I forget how big these fish are, and so very determined. It really reminds you that the journey may be rough but the rewards can be great. Watching these fish gives me new motivation to work through difficult and trying things. I'm glad April got to see it, she was pointing out all the fish and birds. April loved all the splashing and made sure we all paid attention if there was some splashing going on.
We also enjoyed the other sights fall brings to the park. The trees were beautiful orange and yellows and there were plenty of leaves for collecting. Days like today are what get me through the long, dark winter ahead. The sun was warm and made the day all the better. The salmon run is an annual wonder that shouldn't be missed. I'm thankful we got to see it this year and have a day in the sun and leaves at the same time.

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