Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art Kit

I really enjoy giving gifts that are activity based. Whether tickets to a show, passes to a museum or a kit such as this one I feel the recipient gets more than just something to store in their home. This art kit was some what inspired by the book First Art. I used some Heather Ross canvas to make a drawstring backpack so April can take her art supplies wherever she wishes. I covered a good quality sketching pad with a piece of fabric, sewed a small drawstring bag (made from more Heather Ross fabric) to hold her beeswax crayons and a small case of watercolor paints with a little brush.
April already enjoys the art projects we do at home. I'm excited about these new materials. So far we have just been using soy crayons and printing paper. April loves tracing things like her hand or magnets and we are learning about the colors. I've read that the beeswax crayons produce beautiful colors and I'm hoping they are more sturdy that the soy ones (that seem to crumble if used too furiously). I also decided to invest in a good sketch book. I would like her art to hold up and good quality paper helps.
I really love this project, I felt good making it and I know it is sure to bring my daughter hours of fun and creativity. What sorts of kits do your children enjoy? Are they homemade?

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