Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tree Day

As April grows I think tree day is getting better and better. I loved sharing the experience of choosing and decorating a tree with my little girl. We went to our favorite tree lot and took our time choosing the perfect tree. Of course it's more than just the shape, it's the smell, the feel, everything. The perfect tree must be the complete package. Together we found our tree and with pure delight brought it into our home.
We were lucky, April napped while Daddy and I got the tree just right and hung the lights. April as so delighted to wake up to a brightly lit tree. It warmed my heart to unwrap those ornaments that are just saturated with memories and to hang them with my child. Of course it was equally special to hang ornaments that were made especially for her. We took our time, put each ornament in just the right place, we sang and danced to Christmas carols then turned down the lights and sat by the fire while we enjoyed our masterpiece.
It smells wonderful, it look wonderful and it makes our home feel wonderful. This beautiful symbol of nature has made the perfect canvas for displaying our memories and handcrafted pieces of art. It feel like Christmas has truly begun now that we have had our tree day!

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