Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Art

The other day we decided it was time to get creative. I wanted to introduce April to some new art mediums. We've played with playdough before but we changed how we played with it. We've used crayons before but changed the type of crayon and paper. First we opened April's Art Kit and tried our new watercolors. April was in love. The process of getting the brush wet, choosing a color then applying brush strokes to the page was perfect for her age. She was practicing her names of the colors while choosing from the pallet. Painting is something we will do more often. Her paintings are beautiful, I'm looking forward to finding a way to display them.
Next we brought out some sketch paper and beeswax crayons. The crayons are perfect for little hands and the beeswax makes them smooth to use and gives a beautiful color. Normally April enjoys using soy crayons with animal coloring books but I loved giving her the opportunity to create her own image on much sturdier paper. Again, her creation was beautiful and she finished the project by neatly stacking her crayons in a sweet little tower.
Last we brought out her playdough. She is finally able to roll out the dough on her own. I've filled an old overnight case with fun supplies. I added several cookie cutters, a wooden rolling pin, a little butter knife, a pair of plastic scissors, several shells and others. She loves making an imprint then running her fingers over it. I'm enjoying watching her exploring her world with all her senses. Playdough is always a hit. Squishing, rolling, squeezing, smoothing, tearing, patting, poking, smelling (and at times tasting). Maybe one day I'll make some gluten free playdough so I'm don't have to worry about it going in her mouth.
Art Day was fun for us both. I can't wait to try more art mediums with her and display all her splendid creations.I've been reading the Creative Family and First Art for lots of inspiration.

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  1. I think Auntie Karen needs to come out and have an Art Play Date! She's a natural.