Saturday, January 26, 2013

Puddles and Birds

Today was all about puddles and birds. We visited a local nature sanctuary and set out on a nature hike with the intention to have fun. Mommy and April were prepared with rain-boots (Daddy forgot). It had rained in the early morning hours so there were many puddles to be found. I have been trying to remind myself to be a playful parent, to enjoy simple moments with my child. I tried to enthrall myself in the hunt for puddles, enjoying the sounds of splashing and the squish of mud under my feet. The more excited I became the more fun April had being with me. Being in the moment just gets better and better.

We had the chance to view some special birds today. This particular area is always full of ducks. Visitors are allowed to feed the ducks here so they are very trusting of people. While April was having a chat with some ducks, Jon noticed one of the males looked a bit different. Sure enough his bill was a beautiful blue. I'm not sure I have ever seen a blue billed mallard. Perhaps I've been too busy to notice before.

A ruby throated hummingbird also caught our eye. Or rather, our ear! We were walking along when we heard his call. If the lighting isn't right you could miss him all together, but when the light hits his throat he is hard to miss. Ruby's are harder to find around here. The Anna's hummingbird is most common so it was quite a thrill to catch a good look at his guy.

What a gift it was to spend such an afternoon with such amazing people and stunning creatures. I certainly left the sanctuary with renewed energy, a clearer mind and a positive outlook. April too enjoyed her visit. Wet sock and a muddy face (but still a smile) was certainly the sign of time well spent!

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