Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Second

This week was April's second birthday. How surreal to think my baby is beginning her third year on this earth. While she had a lovely little dress-up party with friends on the weekend, her birthday was spent with family.
This year I finally got around to making April's birthday crown. I followed the pattern from the Creative Family and use the last of my favorite Heather Ross fabric for the elastic casing. I have some trouble with this crown but in the end it came out just as I hoped. I can't wait to bring it out year after year.
It's always so fun to spoil the birthday child in simple little ways. We had spaghetti for dinner which is April's favorite. She was dancing around the kitchen saying "yummy, yummy" while I was making it. We had gluten-free brownies instead of cake and April completely loved having us all sing "Happy Birthday" to her. It really was a magical day.
I'm so proud to be mother to this smart, helpful, kind and funny soul. She always finds a way to brighten my day and I am in awe of the person she is becoming. She loves animals, running, books, dancing, trains and music. Happy Birthday my little two-year-old!

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