Monday, March 4, 2013


If it seems that I have been away from this space for a while, well it's true. Jon and I have been busy launching our new business. We've decided to open an little toy shop. We will be doing most of our business online but we do plan to attend a few local markets as well.

We've been making toys for April for a long time now and nothing makes me happier than to see her holding and playing with handmade, natural toys. I make all the felt and fabric toys and Jon makes all the wooden toys. They are definitely Waldorf inspired toys but so much more than that. We make the toys with as much local product as possible (the wood, the wool), natural materials and we try make toys that provide a lot of open ended play. I want the things my daughter holds in her hands to look and feel beautiful, to reflect nature and to engage her imagination. There is a lot of heart in these toys.

Come check us out, our page is on Facebook at the moment. We are always adding to our stock but we also do custom orders. This is definitely where my heart is and I'm so pleased to be able to share these toys with other families. Here are a few samples of our products.

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