Thursday, April 25, 2013

April and the Trains

On Monday we decided it was time to get out of dodge and spend some time together. We drove up the island to visit a new friend and made a few stops along the way. By far the most important stop for April was a visit to the trains at the BC Forest Discovery Centre. She was delighted.
The weather was gorgeous so we decided we would ride the train to the park they have, have a picnic, and ride the train back. We rode on a small passenger train that April calls the "school bus train". It didn't quite have the old clickety-clack we heard about in books but it was fun all the same.
At the park there was a train to play on which April loved. We ate lunch, ran and played, made daisy chains, watched a bald eagle work on his nest and explored a huge nurse log.
It was with great sadness that we had to leave the trains. April has been asking every day since if we can go see the trains. Even when I explain that the trains are far away, she says "Ok, see the train?". I guess another road trip is in our future. We all had a wonderful time so I can't think any of use would object to a sunny day spent together riding the train.

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  1. Fiona and Meredith love it too! Let us know next time you're up if you want some company and maybe we can join you. :)