Monday, May 27, 2013

A Couple of Spring Shirts

I always like to have a knitting project going on those sunny days. It is so relaxing to sit under our pear tree and knit while April plays in the yard. This little top has been a fun, quick knit. The pattern is called Girl's Capped Sleeve Spring Shirt, it couldn't be more perfect for a spring project.

The blue one was a gift for my friend baby. I used a slightly thin worsted so my gauge was a bit tighter. It worked out just as I was hoping, this shirt fits about 6-12 months. I used some blue Misty Alpaca yarn. I love alpaca for baby clothes. It's so soft but less irritating the sheep's wool (or at least I think so). The blue is utterly perfect on little Miss H.

The multi-colored one is for my girl. This is a heavy worsted, almost aran, yarn. I was really hoping it would be bigger than it turned out. As pretty as this shirt is it isn't going to fit for long. I used some Mosaic Moon Woodland Friend yarn. I got it from a local yarn swap so I only had one skein. I used all but the last metre so this shirt is a tad short. Oh well, it's too cute not to wear so we will get as much use as we can before she outgrows it.

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