Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1st

Today we celebrated May Day. I had always wanted to have a May Day festival but I didn't feel April was old enough until this year. I couldn't have asked for better weather. It was sunny and warm and we all enjoyed walking in the grass barefoot. Toddlers and babies alike had ample fun.

We enjoyed light snacks and lemonade. Danced around our small May pole (while listening to my lovely friend play ukelele) then sat down to plant flowers with the children. I gave each of them a small pot, we gathered around a basin of potting soil and I chose to let them plant sunflowers. The seed were easy to hold for small fingers and should sprout quickly with minimal care. They all enjoyed it, even I had fun with that activity.

We finished our day with ice cream and strawberries then we shared May baskets with our friends. I love festivals that ground us. Based in the natural world and coming together with friends makes for the best kind of event. It was simple yet joyous. This year I chose to make simple paper crowns with paper flowers (and I decided to get in the spirit of the day and wore a flower in my hair) but perhaps next year I can get April involved in the preparations and we can make flower crowns together. This is a festival worth repeating!

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