Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Newcastle Island

It was a holiday on Monday here on the island so we decided to get away with friends for the long weekend. We chose Newcastle Island for our camping trip. It is an undeveloped island with no permanent residents aside from wildlife. No roads, so you must carry with you all you need for the visit and the only access is by ferry.

It was nice, peaceful (for the most part) and refreshing. April became fast friends with the boys we were camping with and it was nice to spend time with a friend that I don't get to see as often as I'd like. We shared meals together, shared stories and laughed. It was a much needed break from everyday life.

There was lots to explore. We took a rainy day hike to the sandstone quarry, examined an ant hill or too, spotted some mushrooms, climbed trees, inspected some tide pools, played in the surf, caught shore crabs, built sandcastles and did some bird watching.

The wildlife was everywhere. The geese could take over the island there are so many of them. They were not a welcome sound in the wee hours of the morning. However, it was fun for April to see a goose family with their 6 goslings. We watched Bald Eagles try to catch fish in the surf and several herons wading the shallows hunting for their dinner as well. Although I never saw one, we found lots of raccoon paw prints in the sand. And during our 3 days there we only saw 1 deer. That was amazing to me because in my parents neighbourhood you could see 1 deer per hour!

It was beautiful. I'm so glad we went. We got our fill of rain and sun, sand and forests. Being in nature like that is like a reset button. I'm come home refreshed and more grounded. We are already planning our next camping adventure.

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