Sunday, June 2, 2013


We got the opportunity to marvel at new life the other day. Jon is working for a woman who had some chicks hatch last weekend. She was kind enough to let us show the chicks to our daughter. Though mama chicken didn't seem very happy about a loud toddler near her babies.

April was so gentle and loving towards the chicks. I was so proud that she just knew how to be gentle, how to softly stroke their little bodies. We all were in awe of the fact that just a few days prior these little balls of fluff we inside eggs very similar to what we collect from our own chickens. Even April was saying "they're cute". So soft and the little sound they make is so sweet.

It got us thinking about our own chickens. We never planned on keeping them for many years, we planned on them being dual purpose birds. Perhaps it is time for a few chicks, time for a rotation in birds. Maybe even try another breed. There is a worry that the new chicks would not be welcome with the old chickens or that we might not have the resolve to actually slaughter some of our birds. However, this is the life we choose. We choose to learn these lessons in the soil of our land, with the animals we raise for food. We are always learning, homesteading is always changing and always a challenge. For now these are just ideas, but it might be time to make a decision.

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