Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still Growing

The garden is still happily growing, getting bigger and producing more everyday. While we still have our losses, most of the garden seems to be doing well. We had to replace our cucumber seedlings. I'm still baffled by what caused their demise but the new seedling appear as though they will not suffer the same fate. My beets continue to be the victims of birds and bugs. So difficult being an organic gardener when you lose so much to "pests". Perhaps my beets will do better in the fall.

We have been harvesting berries (both strawberries and raspberries) which I am certain thrills April. She can not wait to pick the ripe red berries from the vine. I don't blame her one bit, they are so sweet and juicy it's nearly impossible to resist. We harvested 32 bulbs of soft neck garlic which are now drying in preparation for braiding. Our hard neck garlic is still in the ground but producing many scapes. I almost enjoy having a bumper crop of a particular vegetable. It forces me to be creative and try new recipes that I might not have tried if I weren't swimming in produce.

We are looking forward to peas and carrots from the garden, I'm sure they will do well. I'm nervous for my squash, zucchini, cucumber, bean and cabbage crops this year but as always only time will tell if my efforts to nourish them are successful. I think we will need a few more hot and sunny days to get those slow plantings to really grow. July is almost here so lets all hope for perfect summer days.

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