Thursday, June 27, 2013


We needed to get out of the rain, it was such a grey wet day. Not at all summer weather. So we headed to butterfly gardens and had a mini-getaway. It was warm and beautiful (albeit crowded) in there. Our favorite activity is playing butterfly i-spy. April is wonderful at noticing those butterflies that I might have missed completely. I don't blame them really. With all the cameras, people and loud children I would want to hide away on a sheltered flower too.

The hibiscuses are in bloom. Sometimes I just can not believe how bright and rich the colors in nature can be. The reds and yellows were amazing. There were orchids and ginger, pitcher plants and vanilla beans. I enjoy the horticulture in there almost as much as the creatures.

April loves the tortoises and honestly, I do too. They are such wise looking creatures. Never in a rush, taking it all in and so aware. She is also a big fan of the flamingos. She could have stood there all day watching them eat their lunch. The koi are always in a frenzy when the flamingos are eating. Fighting over any dropped crumb, they certainly get your attention with all the splashing they do.

We used the microscopes there to examine butterfly wings, bird feathers and gecko skins up close. So interesting but unfortunately that activity quickly devolved into a simple game of twisting all the dials. Then the crowds and loud parrots started to get to us so we departed for our rainy reality. A beautiful break on this rainy day.

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