Monday, June 3, 2013

Wild Carrot Quilt

It's been getting warmer so naturally June's arrival meant a new summer quilt was required. I had this fabric, called Wild Carrot, sitting on my shelf for a least a year. It was the perfect choice for a whole cloth quilt. I love whole cloth quilts; simple, quick and a great way to show off beautiful fabric.

Both fabrics are quilting cottons and the batting is as thin as I could find. I did a turned edge then hand tied at the flowers to secure the quilt and give it more detail. I bought myself a walking foot for my sewing machine and I had hoped that by this time I would be able to make whole cloth quilts with beautiful quilted designs. I can do it in very small scale but once I start on a whole quilt I get confused and it becomes a mess. More practice is required I guess.

This quilt went into use the very night I finished it. It is light, cozy and so pretty. We are all fans (I guess I should make a few more then?). I have been drooling over some of the quilts I see on Flickr so I'm feeling motivated to get it together and actually figure out how to quilt, you know, really quilt. I think I'll start simple but it's time. I've been admiring quilters for a very long time so it's time I stopped dreaming and started learning. Any tips you would like to share?

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