Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Taking the Train

Over the weekend we made another trip up to the BC Forest Discovery Centre to ride the train and visit with some friends. It had been a long time since we've seen our friends and it was fun for all of us to catch up and take the train together.

It was a gorgeous day. Passing over the trestle we saw people out fishing as well as birds taking advantage of the summer weather. It all made for a wonderful time of sharing snack, good conversation, laughter and lots of play for the children. Bringing bubbles along proved to be a very popular idea.

Although I think some of the historical wonder was lost on the younger ones, we adults certainly enjoyed watching the train fill up with water and continue to steam along to the station. Once there the children were lucky enough to be able to hop aboard the engine and check out the coal burning away and all the bells and whistles.

April obviously had so much fun as she fell asleep on the way home. Sun and activity are certainly the recipe for a good nap. Jon and I both commented on the way home how much fun we had. Our visits to the trains is almost always for April's pleasure but this was a visit we all enjoyed.

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