Monday, August 19, 2013

Fiber Heaven

This weekend we attended the annual Fibrations festival. A place to celebrate all the fiber arts. I must say I was particularly looking forward to attending this year as I had an interest in spinning that I wished to explore. This festival is certainly my kind of place; these are my kind of people. It was so fun to geek out over yarn and wool and patterns and quilts with people who really understand the obsession.

It was so interesting to see groups of women just sitting together at their spinning wheels, spinning away and laughing. Or coming across some young people with drop spindles in their hands, teaching the older generation about their love of the fiber arts. There was so much to see and learn about but I really tried to focus my attention on learning about drop spindles.

After receiving a short tutorial and getting to try my hand at top whorl spinning, I took the plunge and bought a lovely drop spindle. I must say, learning this new art is so fun I can barely put it down. Of course I couldn't leave the festival without some yarn. I got my hands on some local wool that had been naturally dyed using blackberries and a skein of the most stunning self-striping sock yarn. Although now that I find myself hooked on spinning, I fear my knitting projects will just need to wait.

Fibrations was such a wonderful opportunity to expand my interests and make new connections. I've joined a quilters club and spinners network. I came home with new knowledge and new interests. I felt like I had visited the most wonderful community and it's one that I hope to find my place in. I've spent most of my years crafting on my own but seeing all these people connecting over a shared loved of fiber arts gave me a renewed hope that I can make connections of my own. I look forward to building my skills over the next year and seeing what next year's Fibrations festival will have to offer.

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