Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcoming Chicks

We weren't sure we would do it this year but when we saw them we knew we had to take them home. We brought home three 3 week old chicks. I was hoping for more Wyandottes but the stock just wasn't available this late in the season. So we decided on these sweet Rhode Island Reds.

It took a day or two for April to get her excitement in check and use gentle hands with the chicks. Now she is so sweet towards them. Very gently using one finger to stroke them, bringing them towels and blankets to keep warm. When we come home from an outing she will often tell me that she needs to check on "her" chicks. I love seeing that loving, compassionate part of her personality coming through for these small creatures.

Because we got them so late in the summer, these little ladies will be spending much longer indoors. I must say that I am not looking forward to having them in my laundry room for several more months. I had forgotten how dusty and messy they are. And no matter how often I change their bedding, they still smell. It is easy to forgive however, they are so sweet. I really hope my current hens will be accepting of them and that I won't be breaking up fights. We plan to leave these ladies in their cage but put the cage into the coop when the time comes to move them outside. I think it will be the safest way to introduce them to each other.

In the meantime, we are savoring the fluffy bits, marveling at the rapid change, listening to the gentle cheeps and befriending our new chickens.

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