Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple Festival 2013

Our second day on Saltspring Island was spent enjoying the annual Apple Festival. We've gone for 5 years now and fall never really seems to truly start for me until we've attended the Apple Festival. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed sharing this particular festival with April. This year she seemed to understand more and enjoy more herself.

The weather was less than stellar but from time to time the rain took a break and we were able to shed some layers. April marveled at the different sizes and colors of all the apples on display at the community hall. "Oh look. Dis one is a baby" and "Whoa! Dis is a really big one." could be heard frequently as we walked through the display. She didn't quite understand though that the apples on display were not for her eating pleasure.

We visited as many farms as we could before we were due at the ferry terminal. We stopped by Apple Luscious, Bees N' Teas, Saltspring Bread Company, Saltspring Island Brewery, Harbour House and Saltspring Island Cheeseworks. April adored the visit to the cheeseworks (and so did I). The goats are sweet and the chickens are hilarious. The people are kind and the cheese is outstanding. We left with a yummy lunch of cheese and olives and headed for the ferry.

It was a wet and wonderful day. Giving thanks to the farmers, the animals, the bees, the trees and all the bounty of nature we enjoyed that year. Fall can officially begin!

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