Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saltspring and Storms

We took a weekend getaway to Saltspring Island, just in time for the first fall storm it seems. It was raining when we left but we were determined to enjoy ourselves regardless of the weather. After all, we were raised on the west coast, we are no strangers to rain and wind. So as long as our many rain layers held up, we were out taking in all we could.

We had hoped the rain would let up enough for us to visit the Saturday market. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived the wind had picked up so most vendors were on their way home. Jon managed to snag some baked goodies before they were packed away. We figured our best bet was to get out of the rain for a bit and get some lunch. Normally we always enjoy the Treehouse Cafe. They have good food for good prices and they have gluten-free options for April. However, when it is windy and rainy the Treehouse Cafe is a cold and wet place to have a meal. We were lucky to snag a table next to the heater but we were still shivering by the time our food arrived. Sometimes you just need to laugh it off and carry on.

We made our way to the farm we were staying at. April was more than happy to simply jump in puddles all afternoon. I, on the other hand, wanted to wander in their amazing garden. It is honestly so beautiful and exactly what I would love to have on my own property some day. Even with the rain, the herb beds smelled amazing. Their greens, carrots and leeks all looked so healthy and ready for the plate. Jon and I both stood by their beds and marveled at their amazing cold cover system. Convenient, effective and aesthetically pleasing; it really was impressive.

The farm also had sheep, chickens and goats. The sheep were definitely shy (as most sheep are) and we not at all impressed with the enthusiastic toddler I brought to the pasture. The chickens were sad, drenched messes but were very happy to socialize. April stood and chattered away to them, just as she does with our own chickens. To my disappointment, the goats (very pretty goats at that) were not as tolerant of the rain as we were and refused to leave their shed. When it comes to animal visits, the rain can prove very disappointing.

We finished our day with a local ingredient meal on the farm and some jazz preformed live by local musicians. Briefly, in the middle of our meal, the sun came out and a rainbow appeared. Sitting there, eating local mussels, watching my daughter dance to dinner jazz and pausing to admire the rainbow, was the perfect way to end the day.

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