Monday, October 21, 2013

Enchanted Halloween


Another October means another Halloween adventure at Heritage Acres. This year we were joined by friends which made the experience all the more fun. It was so nice to see April understand and enjoy the holiday. Since she is still too young for trick-or-treating, this was a big deal, essentially the highlight of Halloween for 2013.

The biggest hits with the kiddos were definitely the train ride (April is still talking about the spooky tunnel) and the singing pumpkins. The singing pumpkins were a new addition; projected light on pumpkins that sang and "danced" to Michael Jackson's Thriller. April was doing a little dance to the music while she watched. It was hard to tear them away. April also enjoyed the Hall of Mirrors and it's special surprise.

Thankfully we received a minimum of candy this year and once divided between family members she only had one piece of candy the whole day. Halloween is about so much more than candy so we like to minimize that aspect. We are focused on the magic and the fun of the holiday. It should be about dressing up, carving pumpkins and maybe playing a trick or two. This event really helped us bring back those important parts of Halloween.

Honestly, Enchanted Halloween never disappoints. The artwork (from pumpkins to lanterns) is always amazing and the special touches for the children make it so memorable. If you are in the area, it is so worth a visit. It's running for another 3 days next weekend and I'm fighting the urge to buy tickets for next weekend too (April asking to please go back to Halloween Town isn't making it any easier).

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