Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall in the Home

Fall is my favorite season. The sun still shines, the colors are stunning, the air is crisp and cool and the garden still delivers a few goodies. I can tell that April is loving this season as well. Almost every walk is a "treasure hunt" for fallen seeds and nuts, special leaves, mushrooms, snails and slugs. We are also buzzing with preparations for all the holidays that will be upon us in the coming months.

This year was our first decorating with waxed leaves. I'm not sure I got the process quite right but I used beeswax to coat the leaves and keep them from drying out. We've used the leaves in several ways. A fall leaf mobile, in April's touch tray, her season shelf and in these turkey crafts. We've also brought in many acorns, chestnuts, pinecones and squashes.

Of course fall in our home means many squash meals (tonight we will be having pumpkin soup), cups of herbal tea, woolen knits, nights in front of the fire and lots of talk of pumpkins. April can hardly contain her excitement over pumpkins. Where they come from, how we use them, Halloween pumpkins, mini pumpkins, big pumpkins, it all is chattered about day after day. We grew pie pumpkins in our garden this year so we are enjoying pumpkin goodies (which I honestly think I enjoy more than April). I'm saving one pumpkin from our garden for April's use this Halloween.

I love the rhythm we have in our home. The shift that we can feel as the seasons change. Every solstice or equinox I look forward to observing the changes it brings with my child and bringing the changing seasons in to our home as well. It grounds us, it encourages flow in our lives, it teaches us to welcome change as life is cyclical and change is constant. We are embracing fall, inside and out.

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