Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Giving Thanks

Traditions are very important to us. They are part of our rhythm, our family culture and really our souls. As we are still a young family, our traditions are still evolving. Taking a little bit from Jon's past, a little bit from mine and adding a lot of our own values, we are building traditions that will carry our family through the years.

Though April is still very young, I wanted to remind her that Thanksgiving isn't all about the meal. It's about being thankful in our hearts and minds and it's about those we share our meal with. So about a week before Thanksgiving I brought in a bare branch and called it our gratitude tree. Every day April and I sat at our table and we talked about all the things that make us happy and that we are so glad we have in our life. We talked about being thankful and telling the people we love that we appreciate them. April liked showing her tree to people who came by and telling them about it. We also made sure to read out what we had written on the leaves to remind ourselves about the spirit of the holiday.

We took our gratitude tree with us to our family Thanksgiving dinner and shared with them what it represented. We sat down to a wonderful meal with thoughts of gratitude and love in our heads. This tradition may evolve over the years but it's one worth keeping.

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