Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkins in the Patch

To lift our spirits after the loss of our birds, April and I headed to the local pumpkin patch in search of three perfect pumpkins. I'm telling you, no one can life my spirits like this little girl when she is whole-heartedly excited about something. Her smiles and giggles, not to mention her boundless energy, are infectious.

In true pumpkin patch fashion we donned our rain boots and best pumpkin attire. For April this included her new mama-made hat. I must be honest that this hat didn't turn out as I had hoped. I chose the larger size since April has a large head but it still ended up being to short. Unfortunately, I know exactly why. I simply didn't get enough yarn, the darn ball I got at a local shop was just a few feet too small. Live and learn I guess. It will take us through the fall and I will make her another hat for the winter.

I left all the pumpkin choices to April. She did need a little reminding to check the entire pumpkin for soft spots but in the end she chose three beautiful, round pumpkins. She was so proud and I left the patch feeling so much more relaxed and joyous. We topped off our farm visit with a few delicious local apples from the shop. It was sunny, it was fun, it was really quite perfect. Now, if only the pumpkin carving could be so relaxing.

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