Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 hours to 5 weeks

I started this Baby Boy 5 hour Sweater back in December but ended up laying it aside to complete Christmas projects instead. When I finally got around to picking it up again several weeks ago I realized I made some mistakes in following the pattern. The pattern itself isn't well written, in my opinion, so unless you are paying close attention you will end up with a sweater with no button holes and uneven sleeves. I decided not to frog this one but to continue with my own changes.

The yarn is a very soft wool that I got at this year's Fibrations festival. It's been dyed with blackberries to make a soft grey color that I love for small babies. Once again though I ended up completely undecided about buttons. I thought perhaps I would do rainbow colors since I needed 6 buttons but then I though I would use some sweet ladybug buttons I found. My biggest problem was that I simply did not have 6 matching buttons in my vast collection. So I ordered the vintage ones. They are perfection on this sweater (at least I think so). I think it has such a classic look with the soft grey and vintage red buttons.

Finally, 5 weeks after I cast on this 5 hour sweater, the ends are all woven in and buttons are attached. I guess now all I need is a newborn to wear it. That will come soon enough.


  1. Those are the cutest buttons! They look like little eyes to me. Sweet design too. It reminds me a little of a sweater I made for my youngest during our summer travels.

  2. Looks squishy-soft! I am also working on a cardigan and a newborn. I'm due in 4 weeks. And live on the West Coast! Small world.

  3. gorgeous! i like your button choices!