Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Things

There is nothing quite like knitting small things for babies. Not only do the knit up quickly but something about that tiny, handmade product makes me feel immensely satisfied. I've been working on several baby things since completing the baby blanket. However, I think there are just too many adorable patterns on Ravelry so my focus is all over the place. I did managed to complete these two sweet things.

I made the Small Things Romper by Carina Spencer in the newborn size. I was convinced it would end up being too small but now I think it might fit just right. I sometimes find Carina's patterns a bit convoluted and this one seemed to follow suit but I managed to complete it in under a week and I really like the look of the results. I did take my time finding the perfect buttons. I saw these little embroidered hearts on Etsy and knew they would be just right. I can't wait to see a wee baby in this romper.

Next project was the Lil'Midi hat. After working with worsted weight on size 8 needles, using fingering weight on size 2 needles seemed glacially slow. Once again, though, I was making the newborn size so this hat knit up in just 3 days. I'm in love with this yarn. I can't even remember what it is or where I got it but it is beautifully dyed. The pattern itself was easy and resulted in this sweet Norwegian style cap.

More baby items are on the way. I'm on a roll and nothing is going to stand in my way!

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  1. Those items are just adorable! I love baby items because I can try so many different looks and pieces and not take up a lot of time. Plus, they are always just the cutest knits.