Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flowers and Baby Animals

Blue skies and sunshine could not be more welcome around here. The grey of winter was starting make us all a little crazy (and vitamin D deficient). And having Daddy around on these sunny days makes for even more fun. Last week we all piled in the car and made our way to Beacon Hill Park. It was the week after the children's petting zoo opened for the season. Nothing like snuggling up to a few baby goats to kick off spring.

We also took the time to smell the new blooms. It's still early but the fields around the park were dotted with crocuses and daffodils. All over the city the ornamental cherry trees are bursting with pink, puffy blossoms. Between the sweet rain and the fresh green grass, the air seems fresher. Overlooking the ocean, we stood at the peak of the park and breathed deeply. It felt so perfect. Standing amid daffodils, bathed in sunlight, breathing in all the positive energy spring affords for the first time as a family of four.

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