Friday, March 21, 2014

Waffle Blanket

I started this baby blanket about a month before we welcomed our baby boy. I'm certain had he arrived closer to his estimated due date I could have had this completed for his arrival. However, once I got used to having a baby in my arms and multi-tasking again, I did finish it.

I invested in some soft, beautiful (but expensive) yarn that will hopefully soften with age. I used some Malabrigo chunky for this little blanket in a lovely shimmery grey. The pattern is called Waffles and is easy to memorize and quick to finish. The chunky yarn makes for a rather heavy blanket so I was hoping to to back it with fabric so as to prevent stretching but I just could not find the right fabric. Since I spent more money than I usually do and devoted many-an-evening to it completion, it felt important that this blanket be as close to perfect as I could get.

My hope is that this sweet, simple blanket will be cherished and pasted on to my grandchildren. It's small so it's use will be limited to the newborn days but maybe that fact will help it last. A lot of time and love went into making this blanket for my baby and it feels so right to hold him in my arms, all wrapped up in something made by my own hand.


  1. Oh I love it! It's absolutely perfect. What a lucky little guy!

  2. The blanket is LOVELY. Good job!!