Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday Sunshine


The weather around here just keeps getting better and better. We've been lucky enough to have some very warm sunny days. The best way for me to cope with those postpartum blues is to get a good dose of all-natural vitamin D and spend some time in nature with my family. We spent this sunny Saturday walking around our favorite local lake.

It was so beautiful. The sun was out, the trees were blooming and everything was green. There were not many birds on the lake but while walking through the woods we noticed a large bird flying between the trees. We couldn't believe our luck when just in front of us landed an owl. April was thrilled and intrigued. We also listened to the frogs in the creek, watched the bumblebees fly from flower to flower and a heard a couple loons calling to each other.

It was nature at its finest; it was healing to the soul. April could barely bring herself to leave, she was lying in the daisies crying that we would never come back (three year olds can be so dramatic). The sunshine is supposed to stick around for a while. Hopefully we can get our garden work done in time to spend a bit more time going for nature walks together. Today was a perfect sunny Saturday.

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