Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Garden Glimpse

There are a few things coming up in the garden and still more to plant. I managed to protect the broccoli sprouts from the birds this year. The kale and radishes are looking wonderful. We have tiny carrot, beet, chard, quinoa and potato sprouts coming up. And the garlic we planted in the fall looks amazing already! I cannot wait for fresh garlic.

I am happy with my perennials too. The strawberries were off to a slow start this year but it looks like we will get a few. The raspberries were moved this year and I was a bit worried that we had damaged them in the process but all are leafing and look health. One of my rhubarb plants seems to have gone to seed this year which is a totally new sight in our garden. I'm not sure what to do. If I cut it back do you think it will produce again in the fall?

The blueberries, pears and cherries look very very happy this year. It will all be a matte of protecting our fruits from birds and bugs until harvest. We have already had to remove a large tent caterpillar nest from our apple tree and the pear leaves look worse for wear. The birds are always a challenge too. They ate our quinoa sprouts to the ground so we replanted and covered them this time. My mother got us a plastic owl to try to deter the little trouble makers but they aren't fooled.

Everybody else who calls our garden home is enjoying the flowers and warm weather. The bees have already swarmed (twice), the chicks are out with the other hens and Zooey is a big pile of lazy bones these days. I hope the garden continues to grow and produce as well as it's been so far. The sun helps, that is for sure!

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