Thursday, May 15, 2014

His Room

The whole process of turning the office/craft room into a baby's room started weeks before Finn arrived but we really underestimated the volume of stuff we had accumulated in that room. By the time Finn was born we had only managed to clear half of the stuff from the room then fill it again with baby items. For weeks after his birth we worked slowly at transforming the little room into a space for our new baby boy. While it is still not completely finished (it needs a coat of paint and a few shelves removed) it is complete enough for Finn to spend time in it and for me to share it with you.

As we did with April's baby room, we took inspiration from the Montessori philosophy for design. We used the organic cotton crib mattress for a floor bed again. We also added the mirror so he can watch his own movements. The bed is covered with a beautiful first nations design wool blanket they got for April a while ago. We also hung a mobile for him. Today it is an upcycled mobile made from old bird study books.

Above the bed we hung those sweet orange lantern lights we found at Target and a little nature alphabet poster from this Etsy store. We tried to keep the art in his room rather simple. Beside his bed we mounted a wood spice rack from Ikea to hold a few board books and above that a simple watercolor postcard in a lovely wooden frame (from here). Again in Montessori style we kept both at child height.

Finn's change table was set up on top of a wooden stand made by my grandmother when my mom was young. I really love the color of the wood and the open design. I really prefer to store baby clothing and diapers in baskets. By the change pad we mounted some black and white woodland art cards from Wee Gallery. Finn loves them! He is always wide eyed and completely enamored with these cards art changing time.

The room has always had these wall to ceiling built in shelves. I had planned to remove them but that was a lot of extra work. Instead I use the top shelves to store hats, shoes and toys not in use. The lower shelves I used to display baby toys and Finn's board books. And right beside the shelves is his closet. I must admit the closet is more storage for all of us than just Finn. To save room I just mounted a vintage twin bed sheet as a curtain instead of the bifold doors that were originally on it. I love this sheet. It reminds me of the tall grass in forest fields in the summer.

Finally we used an old wooden crate from Michaels turned on it's side as a place to put Finn's CD player and store his CDs. He doesn't have many; right now we are mostly just listening to Puntamayo Dreamland and Raffi Quiet Time. He seems to love music though so I might have to expand his collection. You will notice that he has a wooden rocking horse in his room already. It's mostly there for April to use when we spend time in there but a little bit because it's a challenge to store.

I love Finn's sweet little woodland room. When we designed April's baby room we tried to be neutral in our design and we tried to do the same with Finn's room. We took inspiration from nature and did our best to keep the room simple. The room will evolve as he grows, just as April's has, and I will try to update as we change and grow.

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