Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day Together


It was clear, sunny and hot this Canada Day. It was our first as a family of four so we made sure to spend it together. We got up early and drove to Sidney for some family friendly celebrations. We could not have asked for better conditions. We were lucky to get the last parking spot near the parade, found a spot to watch in the shade, were joined by my aunt and April scored plenty of goodies. Though I must admit I find parades disappointing these days. Hardly any bands and almost none of the fancy floats we used to see when I was a child. Still, April seemed to really enjoy it.

Once the parade was over and the crowds began to clear we took a walk along the sea wall to visit a park down the way. At this point however it was mid-day and almost unbearably hot. The weather always seems warm though when you have a small person wrapped to your body. The views were stunning. There were light wisps of clouds in the sky that took on rainbow colors as the sun hit them. It was clear enough to see the Olympic mountain range and Mt. Baker.

April certainly got her fill of fun. She got to visit a new park she had never been to, play with her aunt for a while, race another child in an inflatable obstacle course and finally cool off at the water park. I wasn't expecting to find a water park so I was not at all prepared but being that she is still only a preschooler I though she could pull off panties and an undershirt. It was so hot that day she had practically dried by the time we got back to our car.

We ended our day with a backyard barbeque with friends and ice cream. And a little bit of aloe for our sunburns. Happy Canada Day indeed!

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