Sunday, July 27, 2014

For the Fairies

We've been learning about fairies lately. It all began with a Sparkle Stories podcast about fairies. Then another fairy audiobook. Then we were reading Flower Fairies books and Elsa Beskow books. We were watching for fairies in the forest and checking flowers for hiding fairies. We decided that those elusive fairies might come out more often if we built them a lovely home. So off to Pinterest we went. April and I spent some time pinning pictures of the things we wanted to include in our home. Finally we collected our supplies and enlisted the help of daddy to complete the first of several fairy homes we planned to place around our property.

The house is on the small side I will admit but we saw it on the shelf at Michael's Craft Supplies and decided we could make it into a magical house. We added a coat of paint, some pinecone shingles to the roof and some lichen to attic windows. April collected some special green acorns on a nature walk and decided they were for the fairies. We left them in a pot by the door for the fairies to admire.

Next we visited the local garden store and picked out a nice plant to add to the garden. Because we put this just under a window near our house we can't really plant anything here but we did put it in a pot. I made a couple twig chairs for the fairies to sit and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds visit our garden. We made sure to add a sign so the fairies knew this was made for them.

Fairies are sure to be hungry when they drop by so we picked up at few gardening tools and put out a small garden plot for them to grow some snacks. Their little basket is already full with tomatoes and peppers. In the spring we will plant some small flowers around the edge of the garden. Maybe the fairies will surprise us by bringing some seeds of their own.

Finally, since fairies are such playful creatures, we added a little playground for them. Daddy made them such a lovely see-saw and April and I made a tire swing out of an old toy tire. This is April's favorite part. She loves to swing the tire back and forth, imagining the fairies doing just that when they come to visit. It has been so magical making this with her. She checks every morning for signs of fairy visitors. We are already planning another home in the backyard under the apple tree.

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