Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tiny Dancer

This year was April's first year of ballet at our local community centre. It was a class she had specifically asked to take after we watched "The Nutcracker" at Christmas. I managed to enroll her with the dance school that I attended as a child. She even got to dance the same dance number I did at her end of year recital. This dance class really brought out a new shimmer to April's personality. She came alive in that class.
She was also lucky to find a new friend in her class. They were completely thrilled to see each other every class.

These pictures were from her spring class but she has been continuing with ballet through the summer. This particular class gives them a lot of freedom to express themselves through movement. There is some structured dances and stretches but each class allows for plenty of free-dancing. It's pretty perfect for this age group. We are looking forward to exploring more dance in the fall (even if it's not ballet) as this has been a very positive experience for us all.

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