Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blueberry Fields

 This post is a bit delayed, blueberry season is already coming to an end, but in honor of my favorite harvest it had to be shared.

We returned to our favorite blueberry farm to harvest fresh berries. Stewart's Blueberry Farm is a family farm and their berries are the best. Unsprayed and organic practices as well as family friendly. April is always thrilled to pick berries. This year she was much better about putting the berries in her basket rather than her mouth. Though she was asking the whole time when she could eat her berries (truth be told, I was having a hard time waiting as well). Their little farm also includes goats and ducks. Our visit is never complete without paying them a visit. On this day the ducks were out cleaning up the rows by removing the dropped berries. What helpful creatures.

We simply couldn't wait until we got home to delve into our baskets of blueberries. I wish I had the words to describe the perfect blend of sweet and tart and juicy and firm that are those fresh blueberries. They were even still warm from the sun. I ate until my stomach hurt. I think this might have been the one case of overeating that I didn't regret. Blueberries never taste as wonderful as they do straight from the bush and they are so nutrient packed that I can't resist eating them by the handful. I had such plans for using those berries. Muffins, jams, pancakes, smoothies, popsicles; all were on my list of things to try with our 6lbs of fresh berries. Aside from one small batch of blueberry pancakes (at April's request), the berries were eaten in their purest form. We didn't even bother serving them with yogurt or ice cream. We just munched away for the next few days.

Blueberry season is almost at a close but after writing this post I'm convinced we need to make one last effort to collect more berries. The season is so brief and out-of-season berries can't even come close. I think I will end this post and start gathering my baskets. The blueberries are calling.

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