Monday, August 11, 2014

Fairy Boats and Blackberries

What a magical afternoon it was. We had spent a few weeks choosing materials and assembling boats and finally we were ready to launch. Once again our inspiration came from Sparkle Stories (Martin and Sylvia Spring Fairy Boat Race). We built a boat made of wine corks with a felt sail, another made of molding wax with a leaf sail and the last one made of bark with a small fabric sail. We talked about which would be the best boat.

It was a hot, sunny afternoon when we decided to pack the little boats into a basket and head down to the creek. It was a relief to be in the shade for a while. April chose the cork boat to be the first to launch. It was off to a good start. We followed it with the wax boat. It floated well enough but quickly lost it's large sail. Last was the bark boat. It did float and made it's way down the creek until it got stuck on a branch in the water. Daddy came to the rescue and set it free but it was too late. The bark became too saturated to stay afloat and down it went. The cork boat was the all-round winner for sure. We left them to float down the creek for the fairies to find.

Now that the basket was empty of boats, we set about filling it up with blackberries. I was quite surprised that the bushes along our route were not picked over. The blackberries were not in the shade however so Finn and I set up camp under an apple tree and watched April and Daddy fill the basket. Once full we all rested in the shade of that lovely apple tree and sampled a few berries. It was such a lovely way to spend time together. It was magical and delicious. Though hot, we walked home feeling very content.

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