Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lazy Lake Days

It's been hot around here lately. Really hot. So what better why to cope with the heat than to retreat to one of our favorite places; the lake. I cannot think of a more perfect way to spend a summer day with my family. Finn is a totally water baby. He kicks and splashes with a big smile on his face. April is a fish too. She's been taking swimming lessons this summer and any excuse to get back in the water is fine by her. Her swim lessons have given her so much confidence. She doesn't want me holding her hand in the water or helping her float anymore.

We always bring a picnic. I think we all could happily stay at the lake for hours. The sandy shore is perfect for castle building. According to April, lake sand is also perfect fairy dust. You might catch her throwing handfuls into the water. Now that Finn is starting to sit up he is keen to explore the sand as well. Though he usually just thrusts handfuls of sand into his mouth. Not really what mama likes to see.

The lake for me is healing. Jon is wonderful about sitting with both kids so I can swim out as far as I can and float. It's peace. The only real waves are from the odd passing boat and they just gently rock me as I float.  I watch the top of the trees slightly sway and gaze off at the Cascade mountains in the distance. What a blessing this little island is and how lucky that I call it home. The water feels soothing on my hot skin and eases those mama aches. I never leave the lake feeling anything but relief. And although my children sometimes leave the lake in tears, I know that they are healed by the water too.


  1. That looks like peace on earth! What quiet lake is that?

    1. It's Elk Lake. If you time it right (usually over dinner) it's not busy at all.