Monday, September 1, 2014

August Bounty

August is always a good month for garden bounty. It's the month when we harvest the most zucchini, beets, cherry tomatoes, greens, beans and potatoes. We've been so fortunate to enjoy a vegetable from our garden at almost every meal. August also brought us pears and apples.

As we almost always do, the apples were sent off to be juiced. The apples from our tree are very tart and not great for munching straight from the tree. I always turn a few into applesauce but almost all are juiced. There is nothing more comforting in the winter as getting a jug of that apple juice from the freezer and boiling it with spices to make the best hot cider. I look forward to it every winter.

We've been dealing with our usual bumper crop of pears. They are beautiful this year, almost no bug damage. My family isn't a fan of pears sliced so I've been making pear and yogurt popsicles (I have two dozen of them in my freezer). We've also been sharing them with friends and neighbors. It's always nice to have a big harvest to share with others.

September will bring us hopefully another lovely harvest. Carrots, roma tomatoes, grapes, chilis, delicata squash, perhaps a few brussels sprouts and hopefully some radishes. I'm planning on planting a lot of spinach. My spring spinach just bolted so I didn't get any this year and spinach is one of my favorite garden greens. Let's hope September is good to us.

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