Monday, October 27, 2014

October Pants

It was about time for a new pair of pants for Finn. The weather is cooling off and nothing says fall like cozy wool pants. I saw these pants on Rav and I fell in love with them. Once I realized I had exactly the yarn I would need to make a pair for Finn I set to work making these leggings. I used a pattern I was already familar with (these pants) and just modified it to be leggings with a rolled ribbed cuff.

I can't tell you how pleased with the results I am. They are soft, colorful and exactly what I imagined. I used Debbie Bliss soft yellow baby cashmerino held double with Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop Yarn in Sunshine of Your Love. It's as though they were made for each other. I hope these pants fit for a long time. There is lots of room in the rise and the cuffs can be rolled down. I think I should make pants more often.


  1. Oh, we could use a pair like these! So great to just put them over cotton leggings aren't they? And how fitting his shirt says pumpkin ;-)
    Lena x

  2. These pants are so cute! Well done!

  3. Aw they're ever so cute :) I used woollies for going over my kids cloth nappies/diapers. As long as it's pure wool and non-superwash you can soak it in lanolin and it repels liquid

  4. I LOVE the colours! You should definitely make pants more often - they are SO cute on little babies!! I pretty sure I've used the Sheepy Pants pattern in the past with my second child, though with my current baby I've been sticking to For The Little Ones: