Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter Fair

Today we ventured up the island to attend the Winter Fair at Sunrise Waldorf School. I had been looking forward to visiting the Waldorf school again and this fair was the perfect occasion. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it. The weather was gorgeous and the school was so welcoming. The drive (as it often is with our children) was not fun but I knew as we drove down the road and saw the cars lined up, that this was going to be a hit for the whole family.

The school was beautifully decorated for the season. You are welcomed by King Winter and beautiful displays of greenery and candles. The sun shown through the window stars and the halls were filled with the smell of cedar, pine and beeswax. Each room was a different craft or activity. There was candle dipping, wreath making, clay sculptures, Christmas sing alongs, silk scarf painting, an enchanted cave, a little cafe, and more. A wanted to make the little kinder crafts so we started with a pinecone ornament and a bath salt sachet. Then we all made our way to the silk painting. We were worried that it might not dry in time but it did and it was so beautiful. I see more silk painting in our future.

There was a long line up for the candle dipping but once we got inside it was magical. The room was dark and everyone was whispering. The wax stations were set up around a beautiful table decorated with candles, lights, nesting dolls, a christmas village, nativity stall, and winter forest. It was lovely and we went home with a gorgeous and fragrant (who can resist beeswax candles) taper for our table.

Our last craft was wreath making. Again, the smell of the room filled with cedar and pine and spruce just made the process more magical. Christmas carols from the other room filled the air. While the wreath we came home with isn't quiet what I would normally make (what can I say, I like cohesion in my design) A was the designer and J and I executed her vision for that reason I love it the most. I can't wait to hang it on our door and hear the tinkling of those little bells this winter.

A magical day indeed. How I wish we could send our children to that school. The parents and teachers were so warm and welcoming. The school itself was bright and gentle. The playground was fantastic and the school is surrounded by beautiful woods. Who wouldn't want to learn in such a place. At least it isn't so far we can't attend these community celebrations. I can't wait for the next one.

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