Monday, March 23, 2015

His First and My Last

This post is almost a month late! How the time flies. Mr. F turned one last month. He is my last baby so it was a bittersweet day for me. The last first birthday. We all had the flu on his actual birthday so it was a very low key day. F and I spent most of his birthday in the very bed he was born in. I tried to take the time to reflect on all the changes of the past year. How much A has grown up, all the milestones F has seen, how our family has grown and changed. I can't imagine life without this little boy.

Although he isn't walking yet, he is fast! He can find trouble in the blink of an eye. He loves baths but not public pools. He likes to rip the leaves off almost any plant he can find. He loves dogs and cats; he will point to a dog when we are out for a walk and shout "Da!". He does not like to sit still so stories are not popular with this boy. He does like music though (especially if he can clap along with it). He adores his big sister. He likes to wear hats (or more specifically put a hat on, take it off, put it on, take it off) and play dress up with his sister. He loves swings and going for walks.

He is happy and healthy and I couldn't be happier. His laugh fills my heart to the brim with love and I can't not smile when he cracks his toothy grin. I'm so blessed to be his mom. My life is better with him in it. Happy First Birthday my last and wonderful baby.

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