Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July Garden

July has already been so dry and hot I wasn't sure my garden would survive. We are facing drought conditions and are on water restrictions. Still, in many ways the garden seems to be benefiting from the heat. The raspberries have ripened and been eaten, the blueberries as well and we are already seeing blackberries on the bushes. Blackberries!! We don't see those until August. We've been steadily harvesting kale and zucchini. Then all of a sudden all the english peas were ready. I can hardly stand to be out in the heat picking them all. Good thing A is such a pea fan because I can always count on her for help.

The chickens and cat however, are not doing well in the heat. Zooey is desperate to find a cool place to rest. It seems almost impossible to find for cat or human. The chickens too. It's been so long since we've had rain. The earth is so dry and where the chickens once rolled in the cool earth, they now huddle in any small patch of shade they can find. Their water needs to be filled over and over every day. The long days mean lots of eggs though.

These drought conditions have led to many forest fires throughout the province. Fire crews are stretched as it is. It's to the point now that they can only tackle the most severe fires, not all the fires. Since Sunday the city has been blanketed in smoke. It's eerie, the colors are off. There is a film of ash on my car and I haven't seen the moon in several nights. It's been making my eyes burn and making me cough at night. So, the garden has been left behind. We have been spending our days indoors until the wind carries the smoke offshore. My thoughts are with all the firefighters and those whose homes lie in fires path. Mother Earth, we could use some (or a lot) of rain right now.

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