Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Market and Art

This weekend, despite our busy work schedules, Jon and I found time to take the kids to the Moss Street Market and the Moss Street Paint In. The market is a weekly farmers market but the Paint-in is an annual event hosted by the local art gallery. Artists from all over the island come to display the paintings and other works. It's so amazing to see the talent here in the city.

It was a sweltering hot day so we didn't make it the entire way down the street. We started at the market. One of my favorite local bands, The O'Brien Family, was playing. There were tomatoes, berries, amazing breads, cheese, garlic, ice cream and so so many more goodies. We stopped by the children's art tent with A where she decorated some fairy rocks for her fairy home.

Then it was on to the Paint In. I was really surprised to see some very young artists at the paint in this year. Most artists that attend have been working at their craft for many years. It was nice to see new faces. The kids loved the opportunity to do their own crafts. There was another craft station where A made a wind sock and F did some coloring.

Such a lovely way to spend a morning with my little family before heading to work. These local gatherings throughout the summer months help me to feel that sense of connection to my community and this town.

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