Friday, August 21, 2015

Catching Crayfish

A few weekends ago we attempted to go on an impromptu camping trip. We drove for several hours and only found packed campgrounds. It had been a long day filled with disappointments so before we made the long drive home we stopped by Cowichan River for a dip and to search for crayfish. One of A's favorite Sparkle Stories is titled Catching Crayfish. We certainly don't have big crayfish here but they are fun to search for.

We stripped the kids down and headed into the river. Though A wanted to be the one to catch the crayfish, she just didn't have the grab down pat. So once spotted, Daddy grabbed the crayfish. A held one but I'm pretty sure F was determined to crush. Poor little guy was pretty scared. We found a nice little spot for him to hide and set him free. We searched and searched but didn't find more crayfish. We saw a few salmon fry but that was it. It's been a very dry summer so the river is low. It's not good news for the fish.

Dinner and a dip in the river seemed to help recharge us for the drive home. It was a bit disappointing to arrive home without having had a night in the woods but to quell A's disappointment I set up an indoor campsite for her. A little campfire made of a lantern and playsilks, her sleepbag on her bed, a couple stuffed birds and a stuffed raccoon and the window wide open. It's not the same but it was a little something fun.

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