Friday, October 16, 2015



We have been having a gorgeous Autumn. The sun still shines most days and the leaves are beautifully colored. As a Thanksgiving tradition we collect fallen branches to make a gratitude tree. Of course the day before we went to collect branches it had rained. Luckily it was also windy so we were able to find many (damp) branches. There were also many chestnuts on the ground so A took a basket to collect some. Anyone have some wonderful chestnut crafts for my A?

Our Thanksgiving was a day filled with family and good food. It was the first year that I did not eat turkey and to be honest, I didn't miss it a bit. We had vegan mashed potatoes, cheese perogies (made by my Ukrainian husband), kale salad, brussels sprouts with apples, cranberry and squash quinoa salad and pumpkin pie. It was a feast indeed.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some gratitudes and reflection. We are fortunate that's for sure. We have our health, our family, our safe home, our large garden, our chickens, our loving cat, we are both employed, our children have all their needs met, we are never hungry or cold. We are blessed and we are grateful.

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