Friday, November 13, 2015


Last year's lantern walk was such a hit, A has been talking about it ever since. She would frequently ask "Remember that lantern walk we did? Let's do that again.". I had all sorts of ideas for the lanterns we would make, after all I had been collecting links on Pinterest for a year. When it came down to it, I knew that F would want to make one too so wet felting or beeswax were out. I saw a lantern made from a mason jar and leaves. So I put out mason jars, fabric leaves, kite paper and washi tape and let them go nuts. Miss A had her best bud over to decorate with her. They did go a little crazy with the washi tape but they glowed so nicely and after all, isn't it about their own inner light.

As we did last year, we shared a warming meal of root vegetable soup (yam and leek saffron soup; it was amazing!) by candle light. We baked our favorite sugar-free ginger snap cookies and bundled up for our walk. We were worried about the weather as there was a wind warning for the area but it was calm and starry. Guided by the light of our lanterns we found our resting place in the community gardens. There were shared those cookies and reflected on the light we bring to the world. How I enjoy our new tradition.

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