Thursday, November 12, 2015

On Halloween

It all started with a train ride and ended with a switch witch surprise. A week of Halloween fun. The Saturday before we went to our local model train yard where they were hosting a Pumpkin Express event. We road the train, carved pumpkins, got our faces painted, bowled with pumpkins, did a scavenger hunt and made a drum to keep away ghosts. It was a big hit. I always love when we find events that are fun for both my children.

Miss A had been begging for a least a month to have her friends over for a Halloween party. Our house is so small and it's always so much work to put it all together, for a while I said no. However, once I realized Halloween was on a Saturday, I figured I might be able to make it work since Jon would be home. So I gave in. As soon as the Monday before the party rolled around I regretted my decision. Still, when all was said and done, I know my kids had fun. We had sugar-free snacks, a pinata (filled with candy-free goodies like notepads, stamps and rings), decorated mini pumpkins, made hand puppets and enjoyed each others company. Though we all enjoyed it, I don't think I will be doing it again for many many years.

Finally it was time for trick-or-treating. Once again we had fairy and this year we had a baby elephant. Both turned out to be perfectly warm for the cold Halloween night. One of our neighbours is A's best friend so we went door-to-door with them. I was surprised that little F wanted to go to the door but he was pretty insistent on not being left behind. After two hours of walking, we decided our buckets were full enough for the switch witch and headed home. Miss A really wanted to keep some things and luckily we got some playdough, temporary tattoos, pencils and goldfish crackers in our buckets that she could keep. Then off to bed they went and in came the switch witch. So far there has never been any complaining about the lack of candy. The goodies they find in it's place always seem to be enough to quell any disappointment they may feel. Thank goodness for the switch witch!

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