Monday, December 7, 2015

Jack Frost

We don't get much in the way of snow around here, so when A came running into my room telling me it snowed (in the first week of December no less) I was more than confused. So I went to the window to see not a blanket of snow but rather a glistening coat of frost. Even without the snow, getting bundled up and crunching through the frozen leaves was fun. It was beautiful too.

When it gets very cold like this it always reminds me that the growing season is done and gone. So we decided on that cold day to make bird feeders. Up until a few days before that frost the birds had been in our yard, plucking bugs from the piles of leaves in garden, but now the ground was too hard for them to even get some worms. One of my favorite, easy kid craft bird feeders calls for a toilet paper roll, nut butter and seed. I coat the toilet paper roll with the nut butter (we used cashew) then the kids roll them in seed. The roll makes it easy to just slip on the end of a branch. Once the birds have eaten all the seeds the toilet paper roll can just be composted.

It took a while for the birds to find the feeders but once they did both kids were delighted to stand at the window watching the feast. I do hope that Jack Frost will send a bit more than a coat of frost this year. A wee bit of snow would be such a treat. Maybe when King Winter comes for the solstice he will bring snow. One can dream, right?

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